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Clock Repair Tips

Grandfather clock chimes wrong hour?

Your grandfather clock dial says it is one time but the grandfather clock chimes another hour? This is an easy adjustment for most grandfather clocks when the Grandfather clock chimes the wrong hour. 1) Wait for the next hour count on your grandfather clock. 2) Count the number of hours the grandfather clock chimes. 3) […]

Grandfather Clock Weights are not Moving

If you have three weights on your grandfather clock and the weights are not moving, the clock is not going to chime or keep time. Let’s look at the purpose of the three grandfather clock weights. Left Weight: powers the hour strike and count Middle Weight: powers the time train and keeps the pendulum swinging […]

Setting the Beat of your Pendulum Clock

When a pendulum clock is in beat, it produces a rhythmic, even, steady: tick…tock…tick…tock When it is out of beat, it produces an uneven, “galloping”: TICK…tockTICK…tockTICK…,or tickTOCK…tickTOCK…tickTOCK… If it is badly out of beat, the uneven rhythm is quite obvious. But as it gets closer to in-beat, it gets closer to even, and you may […]

Adjusting the Speed – Howard Miller Mantel Clock

Open the door on the back of the mantel clock and look inside toward the top right of the brass movement. You should see a silver “arm” coming out of a clear box in this area. This part is called “the platform escapement”. This is the main time keeping part of the clock. (**before continuing, […]

Replacing Clock Pivots

REPIVOTING: (advanced) Repivoting skills are a must. The only way to become proficient at this is practice; lots of practice. Accuracy to within .001 inch is absolutely necessary if repivoting jobs in clock repair are to be done properly. With the piece in the lathe, perfectly centered, bring the point of the graver SLOWLY to […]


CUCKOO CLOCK REPAIR TIPS: (advanced) The modern cuckoo clock is available in musical and non musical versions. The musical version has several variations. The music mechanism can be mounted on the side of the case (usually on the right looking in the back) or on the top inside just below the roof. All of these […]

Removing a Clock Dial

REMOVING A CLOCK DIAL Many of the modern triple chime or westminster chime wall clocks available today that use popular European mechanisms have the mechanism mounted to the dial with threaded studs that are fastened to the wooden dial back by screws from the front , hidden behind the dial face. This in itself is […]

How to Replace a Chain on a Cuckoo Clock

CUCKOO CLOCK CHAIN FITTING Determining the correct type of chain to replace a chain on the cuckoo clock: If you have a cuckoo clock that does not have any chains or has chains that do not work correctly there is a way to determine what chain to use. First count the number of teeth on […]


WHAT ABOUT THE SAYING THAT “THE CLOCK IS WOUND TOO TIGHT”? You can only wind a spring drive clock so far and then either the spring will break, or the key will break, or one of the gears will be ripped loose. I have seen some clocks that have been forced so hard that the […]

How to Oil Your Clock

How to Oil Your Clock Mainsprings: The mainspring is the heart of the timekeeping of any spring drive clock. If the mainspring is not oiled properly the clock will not work. The oil that is used is absolutely critical ; it must be able to work in a slow moving environment and it must be […]