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Bulova Watch Owners Manuals

Our focus is clocks not watches, but we offered these manuals as a special service to those who have been unable to locate these manuals.

Thank you for purchasing your new Bulova timepiece. Since 1875, Bulova has been committed to providing the right quality and style for a rapidly changing world, delivering exceptional design enhanced by superior technology. Your new Bulova has been precision-engineered and crafted of the finest materials. The following pages provide instructions on how to set and care for your new watch to ensure years of trouble-free timekeeping.


SIMPLIFIED WATCH SETTING NOTES 1. Setting crowns have either two in and out positions ( #1 - #2) for watches having no calendar; or, three in and out positions (#1- #2- #3) for watches having a calendar (date or day/date). 2. Watches having a high water resistance of 100 meters or greater frequently have a screw crown. It is necessary to unscrew the crown before setting these watches and re-screw the crowns afterwards. 3. For additional information and complete operating instructions please visit our web site at Search using the 5 or 6 character style number of your watch. SETTING WATCHES HAVING 2 OR 3 HANDS ONLY (TWO POSITION CROWN). Pull out the setting crown to position #2. Set the hands on time by turning the crown. Push the crown back in to position #1. SETTING WATCHES WITH A PRINTED CALENDAR (3 POSITION CROWNS) 1. Pull out the setting crown to position #3. Move the hands for- ward by turning the crown. Observe the date as the hands move past 12 o’clock. When the date changes it is midnight on the watch. Set the hands to correct A.M. or P.M. time. Push the crown back in to position #1 2. Pull the crown out to position #2 for calendar quick setting. The second hand will keep moving. Turn the crown in one direction to adjust the date to the desired number. Turn the crown in the opposite direction if your watch has a day of the week display. After setting, push the crown back in to position #1.

NOTE - Do NOT make this day/date adjustment when the time on the watch indicates between 9 P.M. and 4 A.M. as it will become incorrect due to the engagement of the changing mechanism. It would then become necessary to readjust the calendar. SETTING AND USING MOST BULOVA CHRONOGRAPH WATCHES 1. Set the timekeeping hands and calendar (if featured) following the preceding instructions. 2. Check that the chronograph counter hands are at the start position of zero or 12 o’clock. If not, to adjust the chrono seconds counter hand, pull the crown out to position #3, then push the button located at 2 o’clock repeatedly to correctly position this hand. Some chrono watches also have an adjustable 0-60 minute counter. If necessary, push the button located at 4 o’clock to correctly adjust this hand also. Once the hands are adjusted, push the crown back in to position #1. 3. To use the chronograph, push the button at 2 o’clock once. The second counter will start counting. To stop the chronograph at any time, push the button at 2 o’clock once again. 4. To reset the chronograph to the starting position, push the button located at 4 o’clock once.


SETTING WATCHES HAVING A CALENDAR DISPLAYED BY HANDS ON A SUB-DIAL If your watch has small sub-dials numbered 1- 31 and showing the days of the week, then proceed as follows: 1. Pull the crown out to position #3. Move the hands forward by turning the crown. The date changes at midnight and the day of the week will change after the date. Keep moving the hands forward UNTIL THE CORRECT DAY OF THE WEEK SHOWS ON THE DAY HAND. Then set the hands to the correct A.M. or P.M. time. Push the crown back in to position #1. 2. Pull the crown out to position #2 to quick set the date. The second hand will keep moving. Turn the crown slowly to adjust the date to the desired number. Push the crown back in to position #1.


FOR THE AUTOMATIC SELF-WINDING MECHANICAL WATCH: It must be wound at least six or seven times before you wear it. After that, your daily activity should wind the watch sufficiently to keep it running at night when it is not being worn. If your normal daily activity is not sufficient, occasional supplementary manual winding may be necessary. It is suggested that your mechanical watch be cleaned and oiled periodically to insure optimum performance. As a mechanical watch, quartz watch accuracy cannot be expected. References to the power cell do not apply to Automatic watches. ABOUT THE POWER CELL Your new Quartz Watch has a fresh power cell designed to provide maximum reliability for approximately a year under normal use. If the cell is not replaced before it is exhausted, the watch will simply stop. The mechanism should not be harmed in any manner. However, when the power cell becomes exhausted, it should be removed at your earliest convenience to diminish the possibility of leakage. Never store your watch with an exhausted power cell in it. The watch should be brought to an authorized Bulova dealer for replacement of the power cell. For best performance, the proper power cell should be used. Note: When the crown is in the “OUT” position, the motor and hands stop. Only the quartz crystal continues to vibrate, using very little power. If the watch is to be stored for a length of time, it is recommended that the crown be left in the “OUT” position to prolong battery life. DEEP WATER LIMITED WARRANTY Supplementary and subject to all the provisions and duration of the basic Bulova watch limited warranty, deep sea watches are further warranted not to leak when submerged in water to the depth shown on the dial, provided crystal and crown remain intact and the case has been unopened. In order to assure the preservation of your watch’s water resistance, particular-

y in those instances where the element of safety is involved, have it checked occasionally by a competent watch technician and serviced or repaired, if necessary. In addition, the wearer should avoid manipulation of the crown when submerged. WATER RESISTANCE Watch models marked only “Water Resistant” on the case back, without additional depth markings are not to be used for swimming. For swimming, models that have the additional marking of “50m,” “100m” or “200m” are recommended. BULOVA LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Your new Bulova timepiece is warranted only to the original owner by Bulova for 3 years from date of purchase. The warranty only comes into force if the warranty card is fully and correctly completed by an Authorized Bulova dealer at the time of purchase and/or you provide original proof of purchase. Coverage: The warranty covers parts of the watch that have failed due to original defects in materials or workmanship under normal use, or, Bulova at its option, will replace the watch with a comparable watch. This warranty does not cover: 1. Periodic Service and Maintenance for Mechanical Bulova watches; 2. Damage resulting from improper handling, abnormal use, alteration, negligence or lack of care of the watch; 3. Normal wear and tear and aging including deterioration and scratches to the watch finish (case, bracelet, crown or crystal); 4. The battery, crystal or strap; 5. Water damage if the model is not marked “water-resistant” and moisture or water damage to watch which are improperly resealed after opening of the case; 6. Improperly or incorrectly performed Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing voids the warranty. Any Service and Maintenance, repairs or servicing which requires opening of the case, must be performed by a properly qualified technician, preferably an Authorized Bulova Dealer or by Bulova. All implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability are limited to the duration of the expressed limited warranty. Bulova is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages and any recovery may not exceed the amount paid for the watch. This warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so the limitations in this warranty may not apply to you. IF SERVICE IS REQUIRED: Bulova timepieces have been engineered to provide years of use with minimal need for service. In the unlikely event that service is needed, first have the battery tested to be sure it still has sufficient power. If this does not correct the problem, depending on the place of purchase of your timepiece, follow the appropriate repair instructions below. Packaging and Mailing Instructions: Send the watch in a durable box with protective wrapping to protect against shock, with postage prepaid and insured for the full replacement value to the address listed below depending on your location. The watch must be presented along with a duly completed warranty card and/or copy of your original proof of purchase. Include information regarding the service or repair requested with your name, address, phone number and email address. For the safety of your watch do not include the words “Bulova” or “Watch” on the outside of the package. Do not send in the original box. To download the Service Form to send in with your watch, look in the Service Center section of our web site at

POST-WARRANTY SERVICE: Bulova’s staff of watchmakers are expert at repairing and restoring Bulova timepieces. For repairs outside of warranty, an estimate detailing such cost will be mailed or emailed to you prior to proceeding with repair. Chargeable work will not be commenced until Bulova has received your approval. You may authorize Bulova to proceed with the repair by mailing in a check, cash or money order. In the U.S. and CANADA a $12.00 charge will be assessed to cover evaluation, postage and handling for post warranty repair estimates that are refused and for repairs not covered under the warranty terms. SERVICE ADDRESSES: FOR WATCHES SOLD IN THE U.S. ONLY: Send to: Service Department, 26-15 Brooklyn Queens Expy, Woodside, New York 11377 FOR WATCHES SOLD IN CANADA ONLY: Send to: Service Department, 39 Casebridge Court, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1B 5N4 FOR WATCHES SOLD IN COUNTRIES OTHER THAN THE U.S. OR CANADA: Departamento de Servicio, Magdalena 211, Piso 2 Col. del Valle, C.P. 03100 Mexico, D.F. Tel: 55 43 58 00 United Kingdom Service Centre, 8 Woodshots Meadow, Croxley Green Business Park, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 8YU Please check our website for operating instructions in additional languages and for global service center locations.



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