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Clock Brands

New Grandfather Clocks

~ Howard Miller  World's largest grandfather clock manufacturer. Kieninger German movements in an case handcrafted in the United States. Howard Miller Clocks are considered to be the better clocks available today.

~ Ridgeway  The oldest continuously produced grandfather clock brand in the United States now wholly owned by Howard Miller and built side by side the Howard Miller clocks.

~Hermle  Fine German floor clock builders with the expensive, modern clocks made in Germany and the lower priced clocks use a German Hermle movement with cases assembled in Virginia. **New Made in America series have cases made in Amherst Virginia. The clocks made in USA are excellent.

~ Kieninger   Grandfather Clock builder in Germany specializing in very expensive grandfather clocks, now wholly owned by Howard Miller.

~ Bulova   Grandfather clocks were made in a privately owned factory in Canada. Grandfather Clock factory closed in late 2010. Nice clocks, but cost too much compared to other quality brands.

~ Inexpensive Chinese Clocks       Let's call these small, "Grandfather Clock Shaped Objects". These clocks are not long-term clocks, usually sell for 99.00 - 299.00 with two or three faux weights (that do nothing) hanging from a thin chain. These are sold under the names:
Kassel Grandfather Clocks,
Edward Meyer Grandfather Clocks

and several other names. These are just names, not name brands like the real clocks.
If you are considering one of these, call the dealer and ask them for the number to the national service center....there isn't one.



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