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Pendulum Wall Clocks


Pendulum Wall Clocks create the timeless look with the back and forth swinging of the pendulum.

There are two distinct categories of Pendulum Wall Clocks, Keywound Pendulum Wall Clocks and Weight Driven Keywound Pendulum Wall Clocks

Weight Driven Keywound Pendulum Wall Clocks

These clocks come in a variety of different styles and finishes. The movement is the
heart of the clock which keeps the time and operates any chiming functions if so equipped. The pendulums on these clocks are powered by the pull of gravity on a single or two weights
that fall usually over the course of a week, then need to be ?wound? with a key
to pull the weight back up so that it may power the clock for another week or
longer. Weight driven keywound clocks are considered to be the finest and most
accurate wall clocks available. Most are wound with a key, but some of the
unique ?skeleton clocks? have exposed movements where you may see the gears
require pulling a chain down once a week with pulls the weight(s) up on the
other end of the chain to power the clock.

Spring Driven Keywound Pendulum Wall Clocks also come in a variety of
different styles and finishes. and are usually shorter in height as no weights
are needed. Two or three wound springs inside the clock power the gears and
pendulum to move and keep the proper time and chiming clock functions if so
equipped. These clocks are more popular also less expensive than weight driven

Quartz Pendulum Wall Clocks

Quartz pendulum wall clocks are battery powered and are a great, lower cost
alternative to keywound clocks. The batteries will power the clock for about a
year at a time and these clocks are very accurate and need no maintenance. The
pendulum swings by using a pulsing magnetic field which is powered by the
batteries. Many of these clocks offer a chiming function where the clock will
play Westminster chimes or other melodies on the hour and some also offer
quarter hour chimes referred to as 4/4 chimes. Some of these chime sounds are
very authentic and can offer options such as night-time chime shutoff and a
volume control not available on keywound clocks. Quartz Pendulum wall clocks are
usually about half the price of a keywound clock using the same size and finish
case. German Quartz movement clock chimes are far better than most Chinese
movements that sound very ?electronic?.
Clock Imports offers many more
resources on making a good decision for a new clock for your home.
Robert Pearson is an enthusiast of both new and older clocks and operates Clock Imports, a resource of information on German clocks for The Clock Depot in North Carolina.

Author: Robert Pearson

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