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Chime Rod Grandfather Clocks vs Tubular Chime Grandfather Clocks

Most select a traditional chime rod grandfather clock instead of a tubular chime grandfather clock for there home. The chime rod clock costs less and is less temperamental than the tubular chime clock. Some feel  the sound of the tubular chime id better than the chime rod and it is quite different. When the hammer strikes the tubular chime, the tube is set into motion and the pitch is more accurate than the chime rod, however the decay (the time the tube continues to resonate) is quite a bit longer. This creates an effect where the different pitches start to run into each other. This is not so obvious on the more simple Westminster melody where only four of the tubes are being struck, but very noticeable on the more complex melodies like the Whittington and the St. Michaels chimes where 8 tubes are used.

The tubular chime array behind the pendulum are impressive in appearance and become a part of the aesthetics of the clock as shown in the images below:

Chime Rod Grandfather Clock

Tubular Grandfather Chime Clock

Both Traditional Chime Rod and Tubular chime Grandfather clocks are available through The Clock Depot and free delivery is available anywhere within the cont. United States.

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