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Seiko QXE011JLH Ultimate Alarm Clock Review

Seiko QXE011JLH Alarm Clock Review

The Seiko QXE011JLH is one of the most functional, easy to use clocks we have seen. It is easy to understand why Seiko deems this as "The Ultimate Alarm Clock". The dial is large with heavy black numerals which is very easy to read. There are only three controls on the outside of the clock for ease in operations. On the bottom right of the dial,  there is a grey, easy to turn wheel to set your alarm time. On the right side, there is a large switch to turn your alarm on or off and a "tap down" snooze alarm bar on the top for an extra five minutes of sleep. The clock is powered by 3 AA batteries which last over a year at a time.

Unique Features:
Alarm On /Off  Indicator -When the alarm is turned on with the switch on the right hand side, the dial will glow "green" when touching the bar on top of the clock giving the user a quick indication to make sure the alarm was set. If you press the bar on top and the dial glows "amber", this indicates the alarm was not set.

Night Time Illumination - This alarm clock has a light sensor in the bottom left hand corner of the front which reads the amount of light in the room. When the light reaches a low level, a very dim LED will come on a offer just enough light to see the dial after your eyes have adjusted to a dark room. You may turn off this feature with a switch in the battery compartment of the clock if you do not wish to have any continuous light in the room at night, but if you touch the top, the amber or green light will illuminate indicating the alarm being on or off and offer enough light at the touch to check the time.

No Ticking!  - The movement inside uses the Seiko "Quiet Sweep" design, so the second hand moves in a continuous motion to eliminate in ticking.

The Seiko QXE011JLH has a retail price of 60.00, but can be found at Seiko clock merchants online for about 45.00.  Seiko also offers a sister clock with the same features and general look called the Seiko QXE011ALH in a lighter color.

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