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The Series W97 Chiming Movement Anniversary Clock

By Haller Germany


  1. Open the back door of the clocks and carefully slide the foam packing block away from the pendulum and discard it.
  2. Gently squeeze the sides of the gold back cover of the back of the dial of the clock and gently pull removing the cover.
  3. Insert a "AA" Size Battery" in the compartment and close the cover. The + side of the battery should be install to the left as you are looking into the back of the clock.
  4. Behind The dial is the TIME ADJUSTMENT knob you should turn CLOCKWISE until the clock reaches 6:30 on the dial.
  5. You should hear a chiming sound as you now turn the clock to 7:00 position and the pendulum should begin turning from left to right and cycle.
  6. Now, go ahead and set the correct time by turning the TIME ADJUSTMENT knob clockwise.
  7. In the bottom of the clock is a 3 position switch.
  1. 1 or Aus position is "chime off"
  2. 2 or Westminster will activate the Westminster Chime
  3. 3 or Ave Maria will activate the Ave Maria Chime

The circular dial (usually a clear plastic disc) beside the switch is the volume control for the chimes. You may turn this from left to right to increase or decrease the volume of the chime. It will provide a slight change of chime volume.


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