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Hanging Wall Clocks

If a stud behind drywall is available, always use the stud with a screw coming straight out of the stud through the drywall exposing about 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch outside the drywall.

Hanging a clock without a stud.

A zip wall anchor is the easiest, yet strongest way to go. Zip Anchors are the fast way to provide light duty anchors in gypsum wall board (dry wall). Their coarse and wide thread design and self drilling point offer you a very quick and easy installation. Zip anchors are made in both steel and engineered nylon. Use these with #6 and #8 sheet metal or drywall screws. I usually use the nylon type.

To install plastic wall anchors, tap a small hole  smaller than the anchor itself (plastic piece).
With a Phillips head screw driver, screw the anchor into the wall until the head is flush with the wall. Do not overtighten as this will reduce the gripping power of the anchor.
Use a screwdriver to screw a metal screw into the plastic anchor until the screw is completely inserted into the anchor and leave about of the screw 3/4" exposed where you will hang your clock. (appropriate screws are usually included with wall anchors when purchased).

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