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Antique Clocks

Many wish to know how much their older clock is worth. There is no way to find the exact value of you clock online. No single resource exists at this time and there are too many types of values (ie: insurance, replacement, wholesale and retail values to give any type of accurate value of your clock online. Your clock is worth no more and no less than someone is willing to pay you for it. Clock valuation is difficult.

You may spend some time exploring the links below which will help you to determine the approximate value of your clock.

There are three major professional appraisal societies in the United States that require their members to have at least a basic level of training and testing in order to qualify for membership. Using an appraiser who belongs to one of these organizations will increase the chances that you will receive a fair, unbiased and accurate appraisal.
They are:

If you are able to find an appraiser close to you to look at your clock for an appraisal, call first as most work by appointment and you may discuss the fees they charge for an appraisal.

If you only have the brand and a few numbers on the back of the clock and are only curious about your clock you wish not to sell, get a short term subscription to:

Antique Clocks Price Guide

You will be able to learn methods of identifying and/or dating your clock.

  • search listings of more than 10,000 former clockmakers and watchmakers

  • get tips on buying or selling antique clocks

  • do a targeted search to see if we have information on your clocks of interest

  • browse through more than 27,488 color photos of all types of antique clocks.

This has been the best resource we can find for dating and finding good information on antique clocks.

You  may also look at sales at on-line auction sites:

Auctions where many antique clocks are sold in the US.

  • Tom Harris Auctions American clock auctions
  • R O Schmitt Fine Arts Antique clock auctions
    You may see your clock on the R O Schmitt Fine Arts catalog pages (keep clicking next to see the next group of items.
  • Go Antiques  several hundred Antique Clocks for sale


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