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Find information on operations and care of clocks.Welcome to Grandfather Clocks 123!

Our goal over time is to provide as much information as possible on new and used clocks of all types. We will include Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks as well as Grandfather Clocks. We expect it will take some "time" to publish the depth of information on clocks as we wish. 

If there is any information you wish to share with others, please let us know by using our submission page and we will be glad to post it for you.

We will be covering all new clocks including reviews on new products and an attempt to provide manuals for all clocks new and used.

Select a clock category at the top of each page and please bookmark us as the depth of information will continue to grow in time. Used Clocks for Sale

If you are looking for clock repair in your area, click clock repair centers and we have thousands of listings across the United States.

How much is my older clock worth?
                      Go here to get some ideas how to establish some type of value to your timepiece. 

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