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How a Grandfather Clock Works.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR KIENINGER (KSU) GRANDFATHER CLOCKS WHEN HANDLING EXPOSED BRASS PARTS, USE SOFT COTTON GLOVES TO PREVENT TARNISHING. 1. SETTING UP The GRANDFATHER CLOCK Set clock upright on solid surface. Remove all packing material from inside of Grandfather Clock. Set up clock where you want it and level on side and front of waist. (THERE […]

Grandfather Clock Moon Dial

The arch of the moon dial is calibrated into 29-1/2 days, corresponding to the lunar month. There are 59 teeth cut around the edge of the moon disc. A small gear is mounted on the hand shaft to mesh with the larger wheel near the hand shaft. This train of wheels moves the disc forward […]

Grandfather Clock Weights

Purpose of the Weights: Most modern grandfather clocks will use three weights where each of the three have their own function. One most grandfather clocks: 1) Right weight powers the chime melody 2) Middle weight powers the pendulum 3) Left weight powers the hour strike The weights are filled with cast iron within a brass […]

Grandfather Clock Pendulums

Purpose of the GRandfather Clock Pendulums: The middle weight of the clock powers the pendulum so it may swing back and forth to regulate the time. The longer the pendulum, the slower the clock will run. The shorter the pendulum, the faster it will run. The pendulum length is part of the clock design. From […]