Grandfather Clock Moon Dial

The arch of the moon dial is calibrated into 29-1/2 days, corresponding to the lunar month. There are 59 teeth cut around the edge of the moon disc. A small gear is mounted on the hand shaft to mesh with the larger wheel near the hand shaft. This train of wheels moves the disc forward at a speed of 1/2 a revolution in 29-1/2 days, completing the lunar month.

The grandfather clock moon dial is as accurate as it is practical to make it. Actually, it is a trifle off, and if you watch the moon phase, you will have to adjust it every few months. The moon actually circles the earth in an average of 27 days, 7 hours, 43.2 minutes, and the period of time from new moon is 29 days, 12 hours, and 44.05 minutes, not the exact 29-1/2 days measured by your clock.

The moon disk can be moved by hand in the back of the dial. Place the moon exactly beneath No. 15 on the moon dial. Using a calendar, determine the number of days since the last full moon. Move the moon disk, one click in a clockwise direction for every day since full moon, .e.g., the moon is five days after full moon, move the moon disk five clicks. Should the moon gears be active, the disk cannot be turned. Move the minute hand clockwise (as many hours as needed) to take the gears out of action, then set the moon disk and readjust the time.

Full Moon Dates

Full Moon Calendar 2013

January 26th Full Wolf Moon 11:38 pm
February 25th Full Snow Moon 3:26 pm
March 27th Full Worm Moon 5:27 am
April 25th Full Pink Moon 3:57 pm
May 25th Full Flower Moon 12:25 am
June 23rd Full Strawberry Moon 7:32 am
July 22nd Full Buck Moon 2:16 pm
August 20th Full Sturgeon Moon 9:45 pm
September 19th Full Harvest Moon 7:13 am
October 18th Full Hunter’s Moon 7:38 pm
November 17th Full Beaver Moon 10:16 am
December 17th Full Cold Moon 4:28 am

Full Moon Calendar 2014

January 15th Full Wolf Moon 11:52 pm
February 14th Full Snow Moon 6:53 pm
March 16th Full Worm Moon 1:08 pm
April 15th Full Pink Moon 3:42 am
May 14th Full Flower Moon 3:16 pm
June 13th Full Strawberry Moon 12:11 am
July 12th Full Buck Moon 7:25 am
August 10th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:09 pm
September 8th Full Harvest Moon 9:38 pm
October 8th Full Hunter’s Moon 6:51 am
November 6th Full Beaver Moon 5:23 pm
December 6th Full Cold Moon 7:27 am