Grandfather Clock Pendulums

Purpose of the GRandfather Clock Pendulums:
The middle weight of the clock powers the pendulum so it may swing back and forth to regulate the time. The longer the pendulum, the slower the clock will run. The shorter the pendulum, the faster it will run. The

Grandfather Clock Pendulums
Grandfather Clock Pendulum Parts

pendulum length is part of the clock design. From top to bottom.

Adjust the nut below the pendulum disc up or down to speed up or slow down the clock:
1. Check correct time.
2. Compare time shown on your Grandfather Clock with correct time. Is your Grandfather Clock fast or slow?
3. Turn the adjustment nut up or down on the pendulum one complete
revolution for each half minute fast or slow per day. (24 hours).
4. 24 hours later, check correct time and repeat the above step.
5. Re-set the minute hand to exact, correct time.
6. Repeat again until the clock is correct from day to day.