A Custom Painted Moondial for your Grandfather Clock

Kluttz Thompson Designs of Raleigh, NC can design and hand paint a custom painted moondial for your grandfather clock.

Custom painted moondial
Custom-painted moon dial illustrating North Carolina mountains (top)
and family lake house with client’s grandchildren fishing (bottom)

This is a perfect way to personalize your clock. Scenes may include family, favorites places or your home.  The example below features the children and their mountain cabin in the woods.

You supply photos or images and maybe a rough sketch and they will give you a quote for the custom moon dial that will make your grandfather clock a one of a kind.  Moondials are not difficult to remove and install if you are handy or any clock technician can install it for you.  We have a list of certified clock service centers nationwide who can install it for you on this site.

Kluttz Thompson Designs can also custom paint grandfather clock dials.  These moondials have to be flat surfaced usually found on longcase grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks.  The design to the right will display the moondial itself and below the moondial mounted into a custom painted grandfather clock dial.

Kluttz Thompson Designs can also design and print personalized invitations, date magnets or for any occasion where you need custom design, painting, and printing.



Custom Painted Grandfather Clock Dial
Custom Grandfather Clock Dials offer more room for custom art including the family or business name, favorite scenes or places. Here the numerals were also hand painted.


Contact Earle Thompson or Raines Thompson at mekdesigns.com for additional information or a quote from their website.










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