It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Clock Anymore

Not too long ago all Grandfather clocks looked very much the same. Most traditional grandfather clocks (shown on right) offer a cherry, a split pediment and a finial at the center of the top. The only major difference from one to the next was size, parquetry, and inlay. TheseĀ are classic styles and while they will never look out of date, most will identify this design as “their grandfathers clock”, at least not anymore.

new grandfather clock styles
Unique, new grandfather clock styles

Enter exciting new styles ~ There are many new designs including European and contemporary floor clocks that follow the leading edge of today’s most current styles. Contemporary floor clocks will offer clean simple lines to coordinate with any modern design scheme. The graceful curves of a Scandinavian style floor clock may complement any decor. Many refer to the new designs as “Trend Floor Clocks” as they follow the design trends of the entire home furnishings industry.

To further the selection of styles available, Howard Miller Clock has introduced the initial round of products by a home decor expert . Miller’s designs have been well accepted in the marketplace and his clock designs are available for floor clocks as well as wall clocks and mantel clock.

These new styles can create a unique focal point in any living area or make a dramatic statement of “welcome to my home” when placed in a foyer.

Grandfather Clocks – New Selections

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