Howard Miller Ansley 620-160 Chiming Wall Clock

The Howard Miller Ansley 620-160 has a very traditional “School House Clock” design done in a solid Oak case with a med-light Oak finish. The long trunk of the clock compliments the design. The dial offers traditional Arabic numerals on a perloid dial which makes the clock very easy to read. The polished brass pendulum has a lyre design in brass above the round pendulum bob. It swings by an electromagnet in the movement that constantly pushes the pendulum away from the center so there is complete silence from the pendulum. The movement is also very quiet so you will not hear the loud ticking sound you hear from many clocks.

The Ansley has two chime melodies onboard where you may choose from the traditional Westminster chimes or Ave Maria chimes which are digitized and play through a speaker in the body of the clock.

Howard Miller Ansley School House 620-160 Chiming Wall Clock
Howard Miller 620-160 Ansley Chiming Wall Clock is a great buy under 475.00

Two “C” battery is included which will power the clock for about a year+ at a time. The Westminster chime setting will also play the quarter hour sequence after the clock has been running for 90 minutes after first powering her up. The chime also has an easy to use nighttime shutoff feature if you wish where the chimes will turn off automatically from 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM.

The clock is of good size at H. 31″ W. 15″ D. 3-3/4″ and has a one year warranty from Howard Miller.

If you like the traditional “School House” style, this clock is a great value usually sold for under $525.00 and should last 20 – 25 years without any maintenance outside of changing the batteries.

Howard Miller Ansley 620-160 may be purchased here