WIFI Clocks That Set Themselves

Accurate time anywhere where there is a WIFI signal. There is a special code transmitted to every WIFI system in your home if you have in-home wireless internet.

This code includes the exact time which might show up on your cable or TV box. Bulova now has a way for a clock to receive that signal in your home and display that time on a traditional clock with hands.

This new technology will make the new “Bulova Connect” series clocks the most accurate and dependable ever. The exact time for everyone with accuracy to within 1 second every 24 hours which is autocorrected within that 24 period.

Setup is simple. There is an LCD display on the back of the clock for setup.

  1. Press the RESET button on the back of the clock with a paper clip or pen point. The hands will fast forward to 12 o’clock, i.e. the hour, minute and second hands move to 12:00 position. The display will show “Hands Reset”. This may take up to 5 minutes.
  2. During this period the LCD displays on the case back shows “Search WLAN” and then shows the list of available WiFi routers in the area.
  3. Select your WiFi router. Once Highlighted then push the C – Set button to confirm the correct connection.
  4. Input the password of your router.,  When the correct password is shown on the display, press and hold SET button for more than 3 seconds to complete the password input.
  5. Once password input completed successfully, the LCD display shows “CHECK VERSION”, and then get the location (CITY) and time information from the correct internet server for your location.
  6. Once connected the LCD display (in the rear) will show the synchronized calendar / time / day of the week on the LCD display automatically.
  7. Within a few seconds, the LCD display will show “Hands Calibrate”. The hour and minute hands on the dial will move quickly forward automatically synchronizing the exact time.

You can view or purchase these new WIFI clocks here

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