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Harmonic Quartz Chiming Movement Owners Manual

**important: always set the time on your clock to 5:50 before inserting the batteries.

Wall Clock Models

Unlock the pendulum holder from its shipping position by gently sliding the pendulum out of its holder and to the right until it hangs freely. SEE PICTURE. Carefully place pendulum on hanger.

Batteries: Use Only Alkaline Duracell C Batteries!

Insert fresh Duracell Brand C batteries with the + at the top. Please change your batteries once a year. This will ensure accurate timekeeping and a consistent chime sound for your enjoyment.

Low Battery Warning Feature

If your clock starts chiming erratically, or (if so equipped) the pendulum stops, please install new batteries.

Time Setting

Set time by advancing the minute hand (NEVER the hour hand) or turn the hand setting knob at the rear of movement clockwise or counter-clockwise to the correct time. The correct chiming will start at the next full hour. In the interim, the quarter hour chimes may sound at the wrong time. This will correct itself at the next full hour.

Volume control

By turning the knob, the chime loudness can be a adjusted. Turning the knob clockwise reduces the volume.

Mounting wall clock models

Hang your clock vertically to the desired location. If possible, your clock should be mounted on a wall stud. Be sure that the clock will not shift on the wall when the door is opened.

Start pendulum by moving it approximately 1 1/2 inch to the left or right and releasing it. Be sure that the pendulum can swing freely.


Due to the high accuracy and reliability of the quartz movement, adjustment to timekeeping is not necessary.


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