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New Mantel Clocks

Your selection should be based on:

  • Style: the "style that fits best your home decor
  • Size:  always measure the space where you wish to place the new clock
  • Brand: make sure your clock is made by a leading builder of Mantel clocks
  • Features:  Keywound or Quartz? choose chime melodies, chime sound quality and night-time shutoff options
  • Price: get the best clock within your budget
  • Dealer: a reputable clock dealer is as important as the clock you choose

Types of new Mantel clocks

Keywound Mantel clocks come in a variety of styles and features. The better keywound Mantel clocks offer a movement made in Germany with a case made in Germany, the United States or Asia. German cases are usually much more expensive and very modern in design. If you are pleased with the style, make sure the movement is made in Germany. These clocks will last a lifetime if they are maintained properly by oiling (by a professional) and make a family heirloom that may be passed on from generation to generation. These clocks are mechanical and need to be wound with a key on a defined basis. This is usually once a week.

Quartz Mantel Clocks (battery operated Mantel clocks)
These clocks have come a long way recently because of advancements in technology. Quartz Mantel clocks are very affordable and keep good better time than a keywound. The chime sounds produced from a quartz Mantel clock are very good on many models, but different from the keywound Mantel clock as it is an acoustically produced tone as opposed to an electronic. These Mantel clocks will have swinging pendulums, chime volume controls and usually a night time shutoff feature. There is a new quartz movement found in some models of quartz Mantel clocks called a harmonic movement that is outstanding.  

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